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Low-voltage I2C Agile I/O expanders from NXP
The new line of I/O expander now has agile technology: This new feature minimizes parts count and maximizes flexibility in your design plan.
The new I/O expander uses two signal lines from the control microprocessor and expands them out into 8, 16 or 24 general purpose pins used for interconnecting with the outside world. It can be used in switches, key boards, LEDs actuator and many other peripherals. Now you can expand the design features of the I2C agile; I/O expander without having a bigger Micro.
It also simplifies the PC board lay out since you will not need to route the individual signals back to the controller. You will only need two 12C lines.
The Low voltage I2C agile I/O expander uses a power supply which ranges from 1.65 volts to 5.5 volts. This range covers every voltage range that is in use today. From the most power savings portable systems to demanding power management solutions such as high power green applications; It also eliminates the level shifter and other external components.